Dolly Slatement
Moi? I’m Dolly Slatemen, nice to meet ya. I run the Mankey Bush, that’s a little name the regulars came up with. Who knows what goes on inside their lager infused brains? It’s not just a pub. It’s a gastro pub - we do chips with French mayonnaise and all the trimmings. Self educated me. Got loads of opinions, thoughts, things to say me, yeah. That’s ‘cause I’ve got a voice. And yeah, I’m a sexy bird (all modesty aside, I can’t help it) and so people, you know the punters, well, they love me.

That’s why I’m going mobile, it would be rude not too, if you get me meaning.
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Dollys Bits

Dolly make up bag

Mankey Bush
Back in the day this was my first pub, when cash was king. As a good pub landlady, I’m always doing a relief or a holding somewhere and the regulars always follow me ….

Mankey Bush


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